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Best Royal Blue Hoodie Mustard Yellow Sweatshirt | Warriors Apparel 2019

Hoodie is a short form of hooded sweat shirt, jumper with head covered cap. It is a sweatshirt with a covering top from backside shoulder till tip of forehead. Hoodies often come in several types now with zipper, without zippers just pull over including a muff stitched in the lower front. It has been usually integrated with a lace to adjust the top opening.

Hooded attires have become part of men’s and women’s, boy’s and girl’s wear since 1990 onward with the aggressive roll out by fashion industry. In the US, it is a trend wear style for middle-school, high-school, college and university students to put on hoody. Hoods with logo of their respective school name or symbols on the chest, either as part of a uniform or personal preference are becoming so popular in 2019 pullover trends. With the emergent of sports, hoodies have now become typical style in the US. Just imagine the number of sports being played and teams and then their jerseys, apparels and hoods.

Why we use jerseys, zip up or pullover hoodies of our following sports club?

Because It is more than a game: It shows how attached are we to our teams and players.

It is matter of heart and emotions to protect our pride. Hence true fans never compromise on selecting best clubs, top players and above all their clothing line.

Shirts Blue Golden State Curry PIC Hooded Sweatshirt


curry blue yellow hooded

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In social media or during fans discussion, you must have heard someone say “Basketball is my religion”. Why people say like this? Well, religion is as close to our emotions as any game we follow that become closer to our heart after religion. So we can say that basketball is not far from religion at all.

Fans wearing respective club team Shirts, Jerseys, apparels and Hoodies are actually flags indicating unity in the followers, the united cheers and cries as the game on. How beautifying is the concept of becoming FAN of the team we support is and the certain fact that we will do it all again next weekend, next month, next season and perhaps for the rest of our lives. It just describes the passion of game, love for our team members and unity of we fan following have, it is just beyond the imagination how positive vibe this fan following spreads in the society.

We all know the relationship that Americans have with basketball, how the association with the teams we support, how close to their symbols compares with those of people from other countries, and how we opt to supreme our connection with our teams. We are crazy yea


The Jersey

light blue hoodie


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Since the professionalization of sports hoody, shirts and jerseys came with certain codes. They are also type of a commodity that is bundled up with contracts and sold to fans. It is said that to judge how true the fan is check his or her clothing line and living room.


In most of the cases, where fans use show the shirts to display both their open and true relationship to the club and team members by wearing emotionally appealing colors and acts of boldness against commodification of their beloved club

Impact of Social Media on NBA

Social media has become main pillar of any sports now. Basketball also has great impact of social media and millions of fan following of social channels of clubs showing the power. Fans are become pundits on the social media sharing their views , analysis and a lot of debate going on before and after ever game.

But the most important part of social media is sharing selfies, pictures and videos of players of teams by Fans to show their extreme level of support an love for the club. YEAAAAAAA


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Men’s Fleece Hoodie Pullover Sweatshirt Poly Midtown, Team Color

Fleece hoodie oullover


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TheMogan Casual Oversized Crew Neck Sweatshirts Loose Fit Pullover Tunic S~3XL


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